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Always there by your side, encouraging you on…

At Velar Petroleum we understand that it’s a privilege to be part of your journey.


We believe that seeing life and business with fresh eyes, always brings innovative ways of working. It yields new results that inspire and support your vision. That’s why we celebrate human relationships as building blocks that drive all business forward.


From supplying your fuel at competitive prices on time every time, to building and managing entire fuel depots, we are here to stay. To grow. To keep trusting the unseen possibilities that are unfolding.


Our strength and resources enable us to carry out this mission both now and into the future, as we move forward with integrity and trust, quality and accountability.


We think, speak and act from a space of possibility: to grow our country’s economy and build what needs to be created. We celebrate the good in every situation  – searching for opportunity.

We look forward to stepping into the future with you, as your trusted partner.

Velar Petroleum. Trust the Future.

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Our values-based approach

At Velar, our work is driven by our intrinsic values: trust; quality; integrity and accountability.


These values live in us as a company and are brought to life in all we do.


We’re value-creators. The contribution we make to your vision of success is not based on “the old way” of industry service. We ensure you have real in-person access to the team you need, when you need it.


As a young vibrant and dynamic company, we’re all about strategically challenging the status quo. – and will inspire you to do the same. This means that a key part of our role – and responsibility – as your strategic partner is to challenge, encourage and support you. This includes around making responsible environment supporting decisions. We’re committed to doing this.

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