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What we do

Velar Petroleum

Velar Petroleum manages the whole diesel procurement process from beginning to end. Through our sister company (Velar Logistics), we deliver diesel to your operations – whether for logistics or alternative power supply. We also build and manage fuel depots.


The quality diesel we supply meets the standard requirements and specifications of the Petroleum Products Act of 1977 (amended).


In June 2021 we entered into supply agreements which increased our monthly diesel availability by an additional 1 400 000 litres per month. This means we’re currently able to supply a collective 10 000 000 litres to clients across South Africa on a monthly basis.

We are in the business of providing the fuel that drives South Africa.

Velar Petroleum. Trust the Future.

VELAR Petroleum = PoweredUp NoShedding

Mini Bulk Diesel Delivery Services Refuelling Generators and Plant Equipment

We deliver bulk fuel to refuelling generators to ensure that they have a steady and reliable supply of fuel for power generation. No need to be left in the dark or suffer equipment or computer downtime.

VELAR PoweredUp NoShedding solution delivers fuel direct to your equipment on-site, be it a generator, bowser or small tank. Simply call in to place an order and we will deliver.

Reliable and Efficient

Bulk Diesel Supply in Mini bulk loads


Our core services

We provide a service that compares – and we believe exceeds – that of the biggest diesel suppliers in the country. We want to be your clear choice by committing our resources to the following:

Providing diesel at a competitive price
Ensuring you receive your order on time
Becoming your most trusted and reliable diesel supplier
Leveraging smarter and more efficient fuel management systems
Attracting, growing and keeping the best people on our team
Providing quality consulting for aspiring fuel station owners

What we know

Our best work is done in active partnership with your business…


To gear for growth and sustainability, your company’s systems and processes must support efficiencies and best practice. This makes the right systems and processes a key enabler, and something we will explore with you.

We bring a trustworthy personal touch to our relationships with clients and suppliers alike. We assist you to deliver on your requirements.


Our strength and resources keep us focused on our mission for now and into the future. This journey is undertaken in partnership with you.

Fuel Management Services

Velar Petroleum is more than just a diesel supplier we provide fuel company management services such as:

  • Sourcing land to build depots for emerging diesel suppliers

  • Sourcing business finance through our sister company Leverage Tax and Accounting Services (Pty) Ltd

  • Accounting, administration and financial management services

  • Strategic advisory services

  • Recommendation of appropriate financial and operational systems

We get involved in the growth of emerging diesel suppliers by assisting them with implementation of the relevant procedures and controls relating to running a successful diesel company.


Diesel Delivery Services

VELAR PoweredUp NoShedding does onsite deliveries from 400L to 40 000L to companies and any client in need of bulk fuel supply. We offer a very efficient service to our clients as we understand the importance of delivering our products on time.
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